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Welcome to the University of Cumbria Parking Permit Portal operated by our parking specialist - Excel Parking Services Ltd. The Portal is for Staff, Students and Contractors to obtain parking permits.

Demand for parking on University sites is high. To help manage this, the University has an established Travel Plan and Parking Policy. This policy applies to all property owned or controlled by the University of Cumbria, including all University-owned campuses, sites and student residences.

If you are new to this site, please start by creating your account (‘Account’ then ‘Register’).  Once you’ve done that, please select the type of permit application you wish to make. You will be directed to the choices for that permit.

Please note that unless you are applying for a permit for Carlisle United or Williamson Park, you won’t receive a paper permit.  University of Cumbria parking permits are now managed electronically. 

Thank you

 Excel Parking Services Ltd